Claims of negligent hiring

Claims of negligent hiring are waiting in the wings for employers who fail to conduct reference checks on prospective employees.  The following are tips for conducting effective reference checks:

  1. Contact the candidate’s former supervisors, not the human resources department of personal references.
  2. Identify who you are and the nature of the position sought. Ask:
  3. What was the individual’s start and end date?
  4. What was the individual’s final pay rate?
  5. Why did the individual resign?
  6. Why was the individual fired?
  7. How was the individual’s attendance?
  8. Was the individual ever disciplined for abuse?
  9. Is there anything else I should know about this individual?
  10. Don’t give up.  Keep calling.
  11. Document all of your efforts including an employer’s refusal to provide a reference.

Source for Employment notes: Reference Checks by: Laura K. Sitar, Shareholder at Wroten & Associates.