In the News – 02/09/2016

AB 1570 and SB 911 have now amended Health and Safety Code section 1569.23 and section 1569.625 to require the certification program for a prospective Administrator to consist of 100 hours of course work and a state-administered exam of no less than 100 questions. The current law requires an Administrator of an RCFE to successfully complete a department approved certification program prior to employment that requires, among other things, a minimum of 40 hours of classroom instruction on a uniform core of knowledge. Starting on January 1, 2016, the minimum hours of classroom instruction for Administrators jumps to 80 hours, including 60 hours of in-person instruction, and would add additional topics to the uniform core of knowledge, including the adverse effects of psychotropic drugs for use in controlling the behavior of persons with dementia.

Source of Update notes: Training Requirements by: Lora Ajello, Senior Attorney at Wroten & Associates