In the News – 02/22/16

All RCFE caregivers must receive dementia care training, regardless if the RCFE promotes or advertises a memory care unit or any special programs related to the residents with dementia. This training is in addition to the increased requirements laid out in section 1569.625. As of January 1, section 1569.626 now requires 12 hours of dementia care training, six of which must be completed prior to the staff member being able to work independently with residents and the remaining six hours must be completed within the first four weeks of employment. The Code is very clear: beginning on January 1, 2016, all 12 hours must be devoted to the care of persons with dementia. In-servicing relating to dementia care likewise must be performed annual for at least eight hours. In-service training must “be developed in consultation with individuals or organizations with specific expertise in dementia care or by an outside source with expertise in dementia care.”

Source of Update notes: Training Requirements by: Lora A. Ajello, Senior Attorney at Wroten & Associates